Annihilate Fear

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Annihilate Fear
Book by Joan Hunter

The power of the Holy Spirit is stronger than any fear, and He is ready to work with you to annihilate all fear in your life.

Phobias plague our world—from a fear of heights, insects, flying, or crowded places, to the fear of failure, lack, intimacy, or death. Some fear can be healthy because it warns us of possible danger. But most fear is a lethal weapon the devil uses to steal, kill, and destroy our confidence and peace.

In Annihilate Fear, Joan will help you to:

  • Understand and fill your heart with the truth.

  • Confront and defeat specific fears.

  • Pray effectively using God’s Word.

  • Experience complete freedom from fear.

Don’t let the devil steal your peace! This book is full of Scriptures to help you overcome fear and walk in faith. Also included are powerful, practical prayers focused on key areas where the enemy wants to release fear. You can choose love, choose faith, and annihilate fear!

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