Blue Diamond Pack

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Blue Diamond Pack
Set by Charles and Frances Hunter

If you are really interested in learning How To Heal The Sick, this contains every book, DVD and CD we have on healing. Contains the following: Books: How To Heal The Sick, Handbook for Healing, How to Receive and Maintain a Healing, Miracles Miracles Miracles, God's Healing Promises, Healing through Humor, Power Pack Study Guide and Joan Hunter's Book, Healing The Whole Man Handbook. DVDS: How To Heal The Sick - 15 Hours, Power Pack - 7 Hours, Lakeland Healing Explosion - 12 Hours, Advanced Teaching - 12 Hours, Doctor's Panel - 6 Hours, New Ways To Heal The Sick - 1 Hour CDS: 7 Steps to Ministering Healing Successfully - 1 Hour, Healing Is For You - 2 Hours - Crash Course - 1 Hour, How To Make Jesus Come Alive - 1 Hour, How To Reach the World for Jesus - 1 Hour

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