Embracing His Presence - Streaming

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Are you seeking a deeper connection with God? 

Do you want to experience God's presence in a powerful way?
If so, then this conference set is exactly what you’re looking for!
When I travel, I talk to so many people who feel like they are just going
through the motions of their faith. They've lost their spark and passion
for the things of God.

That's not how our relationship with God is meant to be. He wants us to be
ignited with love and passion and excited about all the things we get to
experience in life with Him.

This conference was designed to help you reconnect with God,
or connect with Him on a deeper level so you can deepen your faith,
and feel your true purpose again!

You'll be inspired by the powerful messages of our anointed keynote
speakers including:

Joan Hunter 
Sherman Dumas
Bobby Conner
Steve Swanson
Steven Springer

With this conference set, you’ll get “lifetime access” to all 9 sessions of this
amazing time in the presence of the Lord to help you shift the atmosphere
in your home and workplace today!

Get Access Now!

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