Encounter Weekend with Kynan 2024 - Streaming

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Encounter Weekend with Kynan Bridges, February 24-25, 2024, at the 4 Corners Conference Center in Tomball, TX. - This is for 2 sessions.

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Beyond Power: Embracing the Anointing of Presence

UNVEIL THE DEEPER REALM OF SPIRITUAL TRANSFORMATION. Join Kynan Bridges in this profound message as he unpacks the story of Saul's encounter with the Spirit of God and its transformative impact. Delving deep into the distinction between the anointing of power and the anointing of presence, Bridges reveals a crucial aspect of spiritual growth often overlooked. While the anointing of power enables miraculous gifts, it alone falls short in addressing inner struggles and insecurities. Through engaging insights, Kynan will challenge you to pursue the anointing of presence for genuine inner change and spiritual maturity. Discover the profound truth that true transformation goes beyond mere power, reaching into the depths of your soul to align you with the presence of God.

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