Freedom Beyond Comprehension

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Freedom Beyond Comprehension
Break the chains that hold onto you from your past. Cut the ties that would pull you back into your past. Scriptures warn us of a dog returning to its vomit. Don't be the Christian that walks back into a lifestyle of sins such as alcoholism, drugs, abuse, fornication or gambling. Leave it in the past and move into the future with no strings attached.

Cut the ties and don't turn back. Move forward and press on to finish the race that God has called you to!

This is a powerful book and resource that is needed in the Body of Christ. Every leader and mentor should have this book as a tool they use in their ministry.

In this book you will learn:

  • Healing from Cellular Memory of rape and other sexual abuse

  • Escape the stress that wears you down

  • Renew your mind with the mind of Christ

  • Forgive those that have harmed you

  • Learn to love yourself

  • Accept the Unconditional Love from your Heavenly Father

"Most believers have new spirits but still carry wounded souls. The simple approach Joan teaches in her Freedom Beyond Comprehension will heal your soul wounds and propel you to walk in all the promises of God."
~ Sid Roth, It's Supernatural! television program

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