From Guilt to Glory: The Journey of a Mother

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From Guilt to Glory: The Journey of a Mother
Book by Donya Russell

• Has your journey through motherhood been slightly less than stellar? |
• Have you have ever looked back at your life and found yourself grappling with guilt over mistakes made and promises broken?
• Have you watched your children make life choices that made you wonder if you had failed as a mother?
• Have you tried your best but still felt like your efforts were just not quite good enough?
• Do you now find yourself in the role of “mom again,” raising your grandchildren and parenting all over again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then From Guilt to Glorywas written for you! Donya Russell opens her heart and shares her story—good, bad, and ugly—and how God has kept her in the palm of His hand, watched over her, ordered her steps (sometimes against her will), and brought her to a place of victory and abundant joy.

Laugh along with her, cry a little, and find redemption for all the things you thought were too far gone to be mended. There is hope for you. There is hope for your family. His grace can change your guilt to glory!

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