Get Rid of the Clutter

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Get Rid of the Clutter is a powerful 3 CD series that contains some of the most influential teachings by Joan Hunter. Through this series you will learn how to overcome negative thinking, depression and false guilt.

What Label are you Wearing?
Are you living up to the standards and expectations of others? Do you find your identity in how other see you and label you? In this teaching you will discover the importance of finding your identity in Jesus and seeing yourself through His eyes. This revelation will bring breakthrough in all areas of your life.

Freedom from Depression
Depression can keep you from experiencing the fullness of God's love. This teaching reveals the supernatural keys to overcoming depression.

Got Guilt? Get Free! (now called Freedom from Guilt)
Have you ever felt guilty about something and blamed yourself, even though you were not at faulth? False guilt can negatively impact your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. On this CD Joan will teach you how to get gree from false guilt and responsibility.

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