Healing the Heart

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Healing the Heart: Overcoming Betrayal This title is now available as an audio book through iTunes and Amazon downloads.

     Within the pages of this book, Joan shares her heart about how she felt during one of the most difficult times a person could go through.  Within the chapters of this book, you will learn her fears and pain as well as victories and how God brought her through the Valley of the Shadow of death. Joan shares her own personal experiences with hearing God's voice through such a simple scripture she had read several times before. He spoke to her Exodus 13:3, "Then God said [to Joan], 'This is the day to remember forever - the day of leaving Egypt and your slavery; for the Lord has brought you out with mighty miracles.'" Joan wants you to take hold of this scripture. No matter the betrayal, the pain or the hurt you have experienced, freedom will come to you and your heart through what she shares with you. You too will find freedom from slavery, emotional hurts and a life limited by bondage. Joan Hunter shares with you some of the hardest circumstances facing any person. Her struggles with obesity, breast cancer and the heart-breaking end of her 25 year marriage. Find out how God turned her around and she became an international author and teacher with an awesome healing ministry.
From a reviewer:  Stark honesty with compassion is definitely Joan Hunter's unique approach in this deeply moving story of overwhelming challenges turned into divine opportunities! Few others can manage such a riveting balance in narration, but this author definitely succeeds because she is so "real."  Successful in a Christian ministry of healing, Joan Hunter is faced with divorce from both a husband and pastor, her own and her children's reactions to this trauma, cancer, and the empty nest syndrome. But naming these topics hardly credits the sacred and balanced healing journey she travels. The wisdom she experiences from this path is very specific for anyone who has traveled a similar road or knows someone else who has, which covers just about every reader this reviewer can possibly imagine. The advice the author offers is very real, from prayer, thanksgiving, and forgiveness to other aspects few never name - carefully selecting one's activities and company; affirming who one is as a child, daughter, friend, lover of God, etc.; feeding the Spirit, make changes in yourself rather than immersing yourself in the blame game, and so much more. This reviewer really didn't expect to be so moved by this book! Read it for yourself and you will know healing of the heart! Reviewed by Viviane Crystal on March 14, 2007

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