How to Pick a Perfect Husband... Or Wife!

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How to Pick a Perfect Husband... Or Wife!
Book by Charles and Frances Hunter

" of the most remarkable love stories of all time, often humorous story of Charles and Frances Hunter..."

Charles, a Houston CPA with a great love for God, and Frances, a Miami businesswoman with an equal fervor for God, never had a date never went out to dinner together, never held hands under the moonlight during their courtship.  Instead, they worte letter after letter and ran up tremendous telephone bills...all leading to a New Year's wedding only 88 days after their first meeting.

Here is the account of this unusual story, their actual letters to one another reprinted for all to see the power of God in bringing together two totally dedicated people...even though they were 1,200 miles apart and when they were finally to be together, they even missed each other in the airport because they didn't recognize one another!  You will also find the keys that will help you find God's perfect match for you.

The golden thread that runs through this book is a mighty God who speaks today just like He did in the Bible.  Your faith and trust in hearing God will build to the point of total expectancy  as you read about God telling two ordinary 20th Century people what HE WANTED OF THEM!  God did all the talking while they listened and because they obeyed His every instruction,  they found the perfect mate!

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