How to Receive and Maintain a Healing

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How to Receive and Maintain a Healing
Book by Charles and Frances Hunter

Why do some people get healed and others do not? This is one of the most unique, answerable and yet unanswerable questions asked in the healing ministry. Then to further complicate things, "Why is it that some people who get completely healed lose their healing?"

Is there more than meets the eye concerning not only receiving a healing, but keeping that healing and health once you have escaped form the hand of the devil?  He is the culprit who dishes out sickness without regard to who you are, your relationship with God, the level of your faith or anything else.

One fact more than any other has allowed the Happy Hunters to be blessed and receive healing after healing and maintain them. The fact is this - whenever sickness hits, they know in their hearts that it is only a temporary condition and that beyond a shadow of a doubt, they will recover.

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