Just Don't Quit!

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Just Don't Quit! Book by Joan Hunter Sometimes life can be so discouraging that we are tempted to give up on our dreams. But your destiny may be just around the corner! If you quit now, you’ll never know!  Bestselling author and seasoned healing minister, Joan Hunter, knows firsthand that no real victory or accomplishment comes without perseverance, persistence, and a conscious decision not to quit. Time and again in her ministry, Joan has seen people who tried “one more time” and received the open door they had been seeking! In Just Don’t Quit!, Joan shares life-changing biblical principles and amazing testimonies from people just like you, who have experienced radical transformation through perseverance – stories of overcoming sin, losing weight, greater success in business, physical and emotional healing, and fulfilled destinies.  In this inspiring and life-giving book, you will be encouraged to:

  • Overcome negative voices and criticism.

  • Find peace and joy in the midst of pain.

  • Follow the voice of God as He guides you.

  • Get rid of the anger and unforgiveness that attacks your strength.

  • Keep believing God’s promises, no matter what your circumstance.

No matter what mountains stand in the way of your God-given destiny, you can choose to keep going. Your personal testimony of victory is around the corner, as long as you Just Don’t Quit!

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