Keeping Your Healing Package

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Keeping Your Healing Package 
Healed by Dr. Joe & Heidi Wadlinger
Miracle Maintenance by Joan Hunter
Maintenance Schedule CD by Joan Hunter

God’s plan for your life includes complete healing and restoration. 2 powerful books and 1 CD combine to encourage your faith to see miracles happen, learn how to receive your healing and most importantly, Keep Your Healing!

Healed by Dr. Joe & Heidi Wadlinger
Healed! is a book about healing, hope and revelation of who we are in Christ. It is the story of one couple’s journey from fighting a disabling and painful disease to healing and beyond. Along the way they find the truth about God’s plan for total wholeness and the ultimate purpose of salvation. This book takes you with them on that journey. Along the way you will discover:

  • What the Bible really says about miracles and healing.

  • How you can bring healing and wholeness to others.

  • How important it is to accurately read God’s Word.

  • The different ways God can communicate with us.

  • The amazing power of testimonies.

  • How to witness easily and effectively.

  • The D. E. A. R. discipling process.

  • And much more.

Our goal in writing this book is to enlighten Christians and non-Christians alike to the true hope that is found in the salvation we have in Jesus. We want to bring you hope and challenge you to become His passionate children who look and act like Jesus and re-present Him well. We would love for the Lord to use this book to fuel a revival on the earth and see fulfilled the prophecy found in Habakkuk 2:14:  “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea.”

Miracle Maintenance by Joan Hunter
How many people do you know that God has healed, but they have chosen to walk right back into what made them sick? It is not that God took away their healing or changed His mind on healing them - it is that they chose to allow their sickness to come back on them. This amazing book is not just about maintaining your physical healing, it is truly How to Receive and Mainitain your Miracle. Whether, physical, emotional, or financial - God wants you to maintain your miracle. He wants you to hold onto it and no longer allow the enemy to steal it away. Healing is yours to have and to hold onto. Learn how to maintain it, in Jesus Name.

Maintenance Schedule CD by Joan Hunter
Great revelation on receiving and keeping your miracle. Just as cars come with a maintenance schedule, so do miracles! Once we have been entrusted with gifts from God, whether healing, break through, revelation, or finances, it is our responsibility to be accountable and take care of those gifts! This is a powerful and anointed teaching with fresh revelation.

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