Learning to Take Care of Me

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Have you ever wondered why you prioritize so many things, but not your own health?

In 2017, Charity experienced a profound wake-up call—excruciating pain that forced her to confront the mess she had made of her health. Despite succeeding in many areas of life, she had neglected the crucial task of caring for herself, leading to a relentless cycle of self-betrayal. In these pages, you'll find the unvarnished truth about the beliefs, mindsets, habits, and external influences that fueled this neglectful cycle. By embracing kindness, grace, and self-love, she redefined her relationship with herself and charted a course towards better health.

This isn't just a story of weight loss or overcoming health challenges; it's a testament to the results of shifting from being her own worst enemy to becoming her ultimate advocate. True well-being goes beyond superficial fixes or external validation. It requires unwavering commitment to personal growth, recognizing our worth, addressing past pain, and learning to love ourselves, imperfections and all.

Learning to Take Care of Me will guide you towards:

·       Embracing the unfiltered reality of your health and recognizing the need for change

·       Breaking free from chains of self-doubt and recognizing your inherent self-worth

·       Unraveling beliefs and influences that have held you back from embracing healthy self-love

·       Nurturing yourself with kindness, compassion, and genuine care

·       Rediscovering the joy of living life to the fullest every day

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