Like A Diamond

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Like A Diamond
This a  journal-style book.
As you search the facets of the priceless Word of God, He shows you His heart. You know that you know that you have read that verse before. But this time, it means so much more. Why didn't your see that before? Each new revelation of His Word increases its value as you grow in understanding of His wisdom and love.

The purpose of Like a Diamond is to record your journey of revelation so that you can look back and remember where you have traveled as well as how far you have come. As a living legacy to friends and family, your personal writings will open up meaningful moments to your children for generations. The many facets of His Word will flash with fire through your bloodline until Jesus comes.

Now it is time for you to develop your diamond- the revelation that God gives to you as you meditate on His Word. Allow God to form it through your fingers as you write. Allow His light to draw you into a deeper understanding of Him. Allow His fire to change your life and reveal to the world your external and internal brilliance that is Him living through you.

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