Powerful Encounters in the God Realm

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Powerful Encounters in the God Realm
A collection of powerful experiences in the supernatural realm written by today's leaders in ministry.

Journey into the Glory - Come and join these witnesses as they share some of their Powerful Encounters in the God-Realm! You will be filled with excitement, anticipation and faith as you learn what they learned. Yet, most importantly, you will find insights that will guide you into that supernatural sphere of Divine adventure. Patricia King says, “Every Christian has an invitation to experience the glories of that realm NOW!” Read, enjoy and then... encounter!

Each chapter is filled with inspiration and insight. Learn about God’s Mercy Realm and Heavenly Realm from chapters by Patricia King. Travel with Faytene Gresseschi through her visionary experience as God revealed to her heart the “horror of the nations”. Hear about the amazing “signs and wonders” phenomenon experienced by Dr. Kay Beyer. Gain a glimpse into a powerfully impacting vision of God’s amazing love by film producer Darren Wilson.

Joan Hunter tells some of the more unusual miracles she has experienced during her many years of powerful and effective healing ministry. Georgian Banov tells of his dramatic encounter with the God he didn’t even believe existed, as a former Communist who was raised as an atheist. You will learn from Psalmist Julie Meyer about the Lord’s desire to come and fill every corner of your life with his presence. Randy DeMain and Matt Sorger give personal accounts of angelic activity, and Joshua Mills explains the various ways they may appear. Katie Souza gives practical advice as to how to encounter the dunamis power of God for healing. Jerame Nelson tells of his power encounter with a witch and Samuel Robinson explains that you are never too young, small or insignificant to be used of God in this time and season in the Kingdom of God.

Chapter titles and authors:
The Realm of Mercy – Patricia King
Be with Him Where He is – Faytene Grasseschi
Manna and Jewels from the Glory Realm – Kaye Beyer
An Evening Without God – Darren Wilson
Jesus Encounters in the Supernatural – Stacey Campbell
Healings and Miracles in the Glory – Joan Hunter
Branded by the Fire of Love – Georgian Banov
Encountering the Heavenly Realm – Patricia King
God of the Burning Heart – Julie Meyer
It’s Your Season for Angelic Encounters – Randy DeMain
Discerning Angels and Demons – Matt Sorger
Healing in the Glory Realm – Katie Souza
In the Presence of Angels – Joshua Mills
Day of the Prophetic Warrior – Jerame Nelson
Running with God – Samuel Robinson

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