Staying I Do

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Staying I Do
By Ted & Charity Bradshaw

Authors Ted and Charity Bradshaw don’t claim to be marriage experts ...but they do know what it takes to put marriage first—ahead of children, extended families, jobs, debt, differences of opinion, and everything else that life hands out.

In Staying I Do: Committed, Connected & Crazy in Love for a Lifetime, they offer their personal stories and advice on communication, money matters, intimacy, family values, and more.

They share their trials and triumphs with honesty and humor, getting to the root of issues many couples face. Their goal is to help engaged couples, tired parents, empty nesters, and everyone in between rekindle the love, fun, and passion they felt on their wedding day, to live “crazy in love” once again.

Ted and Charity Bradshaw both grew up in the area of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. As the children of multiple divorces, they decided they wanted something different than what they saw growing up.

From the very beginning of their married life in 2002, they crafted healthy boundaries and open lines of communication that have allowed for honesty,love, and respect to flow freely. They have a passion for helping other couples build strong, loving, and fun marriages.

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