Supernatural Provision

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Supernatural Provision - Living in Financial Freedom
You can walk in God's abundant blessings!
In Supernatural Provision, Joan shows you how to:

  • See miraculous breakthroughs

  • Overcome poverty and loss

  • Become debt free

  • Prosper in the midst of adversity

  • Have all your needs met

  • Apply wealth building secrets

You see we are primarily citizens of heaven, children of God and heirs of His resources rather than orphans cast adrift in a hostile world grinding to survive against terrible odds. We belong to someone greater than ourselves and greater than this world. He has all the resources we need if we choose to rely on Him rather than ourselves. He already owns everything in this world (Ps 27) and everything in the world to come. His power and provision have no limits and He chooses to make them available to those who walk with Him in faith and obey Him. His supply is greater than the current economic climate. When the local economy is booming God is not richer or more able to provide for you than when the local economy is depressed.

God's provision is a river than flows independently of our economies and abilities. He is calling us to a place of obedient dependency so that we can receive all we need directly from Him.  When the news media fill the world with fearful reports of financial disasters, natural disasters and even greater potential calamities to come, Christians need to remember that our hope is built on a foundation that cannot be shaken. Our source has no limits and our trust is in him, not our governmental leaders. Joan's book puts the focus back on the eternal covenant between God and man highlighting His provision for His children. Joan skillfully communicates the the ways God. She shows how you can get into His river of blessing and stay in that place. Her desire is that the church be fully equipped financially so it can fulfill the purposes of God. This book will give you all the information you need to enter into God's supernatural provision for your life.

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