While You Are Waiting

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While You Are Waiting - How to Make the Most of Where You Are
Book by Melody Barker

Have you struggled while you have waited for something?
What are you waiting for? Marriage? Healing? Promotion? Provision...? Everyone is waiting for something! How do we live a full and purposeful life while we wait - before God gives us the desires of out heart? How do we wait well?

Sometimes it is hard to enjoy the journey because we are so absorbed thinking about how much better things will be when we reach our destination. Melody Barker teaches you how to wait expectantly without pushing the pause button on your life. She shows you the art of actively waiting well.

This book will give you keys to fulfillment for the time spent in between prayer and the answer to prayer arriving. Discover how to make the most of where you are right now.

"... will encourage you, inspire you, and anoint you with fresh oil." 
- Joshua & Janet Angela Mills

"Regardless of what you are waiting for, Melody's advice will help you wait expectantly and proactively..." 
- Dr. Dan & Linda Wilson

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